Last Minute Valentine's Day

Shop this outfit by following me @shelbsswigart on the app or Instagram.  Photo by:  Make Her Blush Photography

Shop this outfit by following me @shelbsswigart on the app or Instagram.

Photo by: Make Her Blush Photography

Hi everyone! As you all (hopefully) know, Valentine's Day is tomorrow, YAY! If you just realized that the special day is tomorrow, no worries I've got you covered. I know life is busy and sometimes it can be easy to forget, that's why I've created a list of simple and cheap Valentine's gifts and date ideas for that special someone!

Last Minute Gift Ideas

1.  Tiff's Treats: If you've never heard of Tiff's Treats, you're definitely missing out! Its basically a cookie delivery company, you can send cookies and other sweet treats to anyone while they're at work or home! You can even send a custom message with your sweets! The ordering process is super simple, and you can start ordering right HERE.

2. Flowers and Sweets: DUH! Everyone loves receiving flowers and a sweet treat! You can find flowers at pretty much any local grocery store for as cheap as $5 for a bouquet! I don't know about you, but all I eat is pretty much sweets. Whether it's chocolate covered strawberries, candy, or donuts.. any sweet treat is the perfect gift for your sweetie!

3. Picture Frame: My go-to gift for every occasion is always a picture frame. A picture frame is a very simple, but meaningful gift. All you have to do is print out a picture of you and your boo and buy a frame! I always like to print out a favorite picture of me and the person I'm gifting it to and write a sweet note on a card or even the back of the frame. You can get prints from Walmart and Walgreens for less than $1, and your pictures will be done in ONE HOUR... so quick!!! Also, Walmart has super cute frames for as cheap as $6! You can find the Walmart Photo Center HERE, and the Walgreens photo center HERE!

4. Socks: Okay seriously though, who doesn't love some fuzzy socks? I think fuzzy socks are so fun to gift, especially when they have puns on them! Target always has the cutest fuzzy socks, and you can shop their selection of $4 v-day socks right HERE! Also, Target even has a store pick up option so you can shop online now and pick it up late today or tomorrow!!

5. Love Letter: I think love letters as so sweet and fun because you can hold on to them forever! I keep all of my letters in a little box and whenever I'm missing Dylan I like to go back and read them all. You could either write just one letter and give it to them or you could write multiple. I think a cute idea would be to write a couple letters with different subjects. Like write one letter about a favorite memory, one about goals you have for your relationship, or one with a list of reasons why you love them.. and so much more! You could even put the letters in a cute box with a picture of the two of you glued on it or in multiple envelopes for them to open periodically!

Last Minute Date Ideas

1. Making Dessert or Dinner Together: I think that staying home and making dinner and dessert would be the perfect lazy v-day! You can go all out by pinteresting recipes for fancy meals or buy the Pillsbury limited edition heart cookies for only $2.38. There's obviously so many options with this date idea, it up to you to decide to be master chefs or laid back bakers!

2. Netflix/ Movie Night In: Netflix dates are personally my favorite dates because I'm a bum and my boyfriend and I can watch The Office all day long and never get bored. You and your boo could either continue watching your favorite show or find a new romantic comedy, the options are endless! Get in your comfy clothes, grab a snack, and relax!

3. Coffee Date: If you are a coffee drinker and wanting to find a cute new coffee shop, this is the perfect date idea for you! Get on your map app and search coffee shops nearby and try something new! Of course you can always make a cute photoshoot out of a coffee date as well!

4. Picnic: I've personally never had a picnic with my boyfriend, but I think it would be so fun to grab our favorite food and camp out to watch the stars or enjoy a nice view! You don't even have to go to the grocery store and prep a full meal, just stop by your favorite fast food restaurant and call it a day. Local parks or even your own backyard can be the perfect picnic spots. I personally think a picnic in Galveston would be super romantic!

5. Recreate Your First Date: Take your special someone to the place where you had your first date!! You could even write them a letter about what was going through your head on your first date and surprise them with it! I think this Valentine's idea would be so romantic and fun because it's super unique!

I hope these lists helped if you're in a time crunch and out of ideas! I hope you all have a very happy Valentine's Day!!!

XOXO, Shelby

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