Austin, Tx Birthday Trip

This past weekend, I was able to travel to Austin, TX as my birthday present (thanks to my sweet mom)! I had a ton of fun exploring Austin with my favorite people, and I wanted to share all of my trip details on here! I hope you all can use this post as a trip "guide" if you ever get the chance to visit Austin! I also included a little picture gallery above that you can scroll through and a link to Carley's video of our trip!

This past Friday, my boyfriend Dylan, my best friend Carley, and I left Houston and arrived in Austin around 5 pm. First we got all settled in to our hotel room, and then decided to grab dinner. We met up with Dylan's brother and girlfriend for dinner at Hopdoddy's off of South Congress. This was both Dylan and I's first time at Hopdoddy's and must I say it was AMAZING! I ordered the Magic Shroom Burger with a side of truffle fries and a Thin Mint's Girl Scout Cookie shake. I think my favorite part of the whole meal was for sure the fries, but my burger and shake were still incredible. Hopdoddy's also has a Houston location, so if you ever get the chance I would for sure check it out! After dinner we decided to head back to the hotel to get some rest since we had a long day ahead of us!

Saturday morning we woke up early to hike. Dylan and I left to hike Greenbelt with his brother while Carley hiked the 360 overlook with her friend. The Greenbelt trail Dylan and I did wasn't hard and was super relaxing. I was expecting to climb a bunch of rocks and be short of breath the whole time but instead it turned out to be just a simple trail alongside the river. The trail doesn't loop around so we walked about 5 miles and then turned back. During our walk we stopped multiple times to look at the gorgeous scenery and we even encountered a cute little teepee made out of sticks (pictured above)! I definitely recommend walking this trail if you're looking for some easy exercise with a pretty view! After we walked Greenbelt, we went back to the hotel to change and head to South Congress. First we stopped at Magnolia Cafe for lunch. I didn't really do any research on restaurants before we left for the trip, so the only reason we went to Magnolia was because it was really close on the map. Magnolia Cafe turned out to be the perfect spot for us to grab lunch! It had a huge menu with so many options including burgers, all day breakfast, enchiladas, soups, tacos, sandwiches and pasta just to name a few. I ordered two egg, cheese, and potato breakfast tacos with a side of chips and salsa. Dylan was super hungry and decided to order an omelette and chicken quesadillas with rice and bread. Our food was delicious and the restaurant itself was adorable! After lunch we met up with Carley and walked up and down South Congress Avenue. If you're traveling to Austin and looking for something simple and fun to fill your day, I recommend driving to South Congress and walking around for a couple of hours or so. There are cute boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, murals, and so much more. First we took pictures at the 'Love from Austin' mural. This mural is painted on the outside of Prima Dora, which is Magnolia Cafe's gift shop. Next we stopped at the Tom's store to get coffee and look around at the shoes. There was also a super cute mural of different colored hearts and the words "we are one" painted on the fence around the patio of Tom's (as pictured above). After coffee, we continued walking and stopped to take pictures at the 'Willie Nelson for President' mural and the famous 'i love you so much' mural located at Jo's Coffee and Tea. We then stopped to get a bag of candy for Dylan at Big Top Candy Shop. Big Top had literally every candy you can think of and super cute sugar cookies decorated with valentines puns for only $3. If you have a sweet tooth (like me) I would make a trip to Big Top! Next we popped in and out of some of the shops on South Congress including The Impeccable Pig, Allen's Boots, The Gypsy Wagon, and Maya Star. After we finished up shopping, we decided to go to the Capitol. By this time it was about 6 at night so we weren't allowed to go into the Capitol, but we still walked around the building and looked at the sculptures. I definitely would like to see the inside of the Capitol the next time I visit Austin though! After the Capitol we headed to Blue Dahlia Bistro on 11th street for dinner. Blue Dahlia is a European bistro and was by far my favorite place we ate at the whole trip. The inside of the restaurant was very dim, and each table was lit by candlelight. There was live music and a very relaxing atmosphere. I ordered the chicken salad tartine and Dylan ordered the sliced smoked salmon tartine (above).  For dessert, we ordered the vanilla Belgian waffles. Our meals were amazing and the service was great, I highly recommend stopping at Blue Dahlia if you visit Austin!! After dinner we walked around Austin for a couple of hours and then headed back to the hotel to pack and rest.

Sunday morning we all woke up and headed to Irene's off of West Avenue for brunch! My friend recommended Irene's to me and i'm so glad we went! I ordered the Nutella toast platter with eggs, bacon, and a vanilla latte (pictured above). Although my meal was pretty basic, it was so delicious and exceeded my expectations! Irene's also has the cutest photo spot outside of their cafe and of course I had to do a little photoshoot (pictured above). Basically, Irene's is the best brunch place to go with your gal pals! After brunch we drove to the 360 overlook to hike. I was so surprised to figure out that it really isn't much of a hike and it only took us about 5 minutes to get to the top! So easy! The view was seriously amazing and even though it was 34 degrees and super windy I enjoyed it! I recommend taking the short time out of your day to hike the 360 overlook, you'll get a great view and awesome pictures!!

I hope this post gives you all some ideas of what to do when you're in Austin! I will be planning my next trip soon so if you have any suggestions for me please comment below and I will stop check them out! Thank you all for reading and have a great night!

XOXO, Shelby

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