Dorm Tour + 5 Dorm Essentials

Happy Thursday everyone! Today on the blog I'm sharing a little dorm tour and some dorm items I think every college student needs! Below is a gallery of pics of my dorm, click left or right to scroll through!! (p.s. no I didn't paint my wall green, it came like that and I hate it haha)

5 Dorm Essentials

  1. A steamer! If you don't know what a steamer is or you've never used before, you're missing out! A steamer is this little thing that gets wrinkles out of your clothes with just steam (so obvious right? haha). The reason I use a steamer over an iron because you literally just need the steamer and water to fill the steamer to use it, and it takes half the time to steam instead of iron. I bring mine pretty much everywhere with me, it's great! So if you can't tell, a steamer is way better than an iron and ironing board for a dorm... so get one! You can purchase on by clicking HERE!
  2. A ROLLING laundry basket! Okay so if you don't know this yet, most dorms only have one laundry room located on the first floor of the dorm. So if you live anywhere but the first floor, you have to carry your laundry to the room and it can be a hassle. That's why I recommend purchasing a laundry basket with wheels, that way it's super easy to drag your laundry around (no muscles needed)! You can purchase one by clicking HERE!
  3. A detachable shower head! So if your dorm has its own bathroom (not a community bathroom) then you should definitely buy a detachable shower head. Most dorms have a standard shower head and it's super difficult to rinse out your shower with a standard shower head. Plus, you never know what kind of bacteria has built up on it. You can purchase one by clicking HERE!
  4. A Brita! So I just recently purchased a Brita and it's seriously so much better than carrying a huge case of water up to my dorm. I recommend a Brita so you can always have water without having to spend money on tons of bottles or carrying the heavy case! You can purchase one by clicking HERE!
  5. Poo-pourri! Haha if you don't know what poo-pourri is then you're definitely going to need it for you dorm! You spray it in the toilet before you go so the bathroom won't ever smell! Trust me, you never know what kind of roommates you'll have so it's better to buy some for your bathroom lol. You can purchase this by clicking HERE!

Well, that's all of the tips I have to share! I hope this posts helps if you're moving in to a dorm soon!

XOXO, Shelby

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