My Top Five Favorite Coffee Shops In Houston

Okay so if you know me, you know that I can't function without my coffee. If I'm not making coffee from my Keurig, I love to explore houston for new coffee shops. I decided to round up five of my favorites to share with you all when you're in need of new places to visit in Houston!


1: Bouchee Patisserie. This cafe is located inside of the Post Oak Hotel at 1600 West Loop S. This little spot is Houston's version of a Paris cafe. The interior is absolutely adorable! The color scheme of the cafe is pretty pastels and the walls are decorated with cute kitchen accessories and Sugarfina candy! I ordered a vanilla latte (basic I know), two macarons, and a slice of coconut cream cake. Everything I ordered was delicious, and totally Instagram worthy!

2: Empire Cafe. Empire is located at 1732 Westheimer Rd in Montrose. Empire has great basic coffee drinks like lattes and iced coffee, but my favorite drinks are their speciality coffee drinks. They have an Almond Joy drink, a Sugar Daddy drink, and a Milky Way drink. All 3 are iced lattes with add in's to make them taste like actual candy bars. Plus, the drinks are super cute and come with two free cookies! The only thing that is probably bad about the drinks is the calorie count, but who cares... treat yo self. Besides the great drinks, Empire has a super cool patio to hang out at. 


3: A 2nd Cup. A 2nd Cup is located in the heights at 1111 E 11th Street. On top of having great coffee and a cool study spot, this coffee shop's proceeds goes towards fighting sex trafficking in Houston. If you aren't aware, Houston is one of largest sex trafficking hubs in the nation, and a 2nd Cup's mission is to raise awareness of sex trafficking in the community. Honestly though, what's better than your coffee purchase going towards a great cause? Plus, they make cool designs in your coffee!

4: Cafe Poetes. This cafe is located at 112 W. Gray Street in Montrose. I recently posted a picture of myself in this cafe and I got so many questions about the location so I decided to add it to this list! The cafe has a whole wall of books, making it a super cute photo op spot. Of course, the desserts and coffee are really great as well, I recommend trying their version of a cannoli!

5: Red Dessert Dive and Coffee Shop. Red Dessert Dive is located in the heights at 1045 Studewood street. Last time I went here I ordered coffee and the turtle cheesecake.. and must I say they were both amazing... no exaggeration! Seriously though, you need to try the cheesecake. The interior is really pretty and they have the cutest window seats to sit on! Side note- dessert dive is within walking distance to A 2nd Cup, so you can try both in one day!!

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