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Happy summer everyone! I can't believe it's already June.. May flew by to me! I haven't had the chance to post for a while because I took a little mini vacation to Waco (blog post to come soon). Anyways, today I'm so excited to share all about one of my role models and step-mom, Tera Swigart and her non-profit organization and magazine. 

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Tera is the Editor-in-Chief of FRUIT magazine and the Executive Director of Freestyle Ministries. Since the age of 19, Tera has been working in Juvenile Justice systems and sharing the love of Christ with each individual she encounters. Tera has been a mentor, enrichment coordinator, teacher, and a licensed chemical dependency counselor in the juvenile justice systems. While Tera was working as a chemical dependency counselor, God gave her the vision for FRUIT magazine in 2006. After four years of long hard work and with the help of her crew, Tera was able to publish her first issue of FRUIT magazine through her own non-profit organization Freestyle Ministries in 2010. 


What is fruit?

FRUIT magazine's title is based off of the scripture Matthew 7:20, "Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them." Tera chose to name her magazine after this scripture because the magazine is an opportunity for the youth in these detention facilities to show something positive that they've done by submitting their artwork and writing to be published. The youth in these facilities have always been known by the negative in their life, and Tera's goal with FRUIT is to allow these youth to produce their own spiritual "fruit" by sharing their art and writing to inspire others. FRUIT also publishes drug, gang, and healthy living education, positive music and book reviews, and letters from adult inmates sharing their experiences with the youth in hopes that they will choose a different path.

Since FRUIT was published in 2010, Freestyle Ministries and FRUIT magazine has grown rapidly. The magazine is currently  distributed to 18 Juvenile Detention facilities nationwide, where thousands of youth are receiving hope and the word of God for free by FRUIT magazine. Tera has been able to interview professional athletes, artists, singers, and others to share their faith and stories in the magazine. Freestyle Ministries is also able to host many special events and concerts at the Juvenile facilities for the youth who receive FRUIT. 

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get involved

FRUIT is published by generous donations from magazine supporters, and Freestyle Ministries is currently fundraising for Issue 17 to be published. Their goal is to raise $2,500 for Issue 17 and you can donate to FRUIT by visiting You can also follow them on instagram @fruitmagazinefsm, Facebook @FRUIT.magazine, and Twitter @Fruit_Magazine. If you would like your own copy of FRUIT magazine, you can click here:

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