Hi there everyone! Today's blog post is my first kind of "advice" post, and I'm really excited to share this with you all! I have been wanting to share about how I ended up at the University of Houston and how I enjoyed my freshman year at college. I know that going to college seems super intimidating/stressful and that's why I wanted to write this!

First off, I wanted to share why I'm at UH. So originally I planned to attend Baylor University for college. Ever since I visited the campus for a tour my sophomore year of high school, I completely fell in love with the campus and everything about it. I literally felt at home there and I believed that I was "destined" to be there. My senior year of high school I applied and was accepted to Baylor, and I assumed that my college search was over. But, after a lot of calculations and considerations, I figured out that Baylor was not in my budget and there was pretty much no way that I would be able to afford to attend. I was absolutely heart broken and cried so much, which may seem dramatic to some people but I really didn't think I was meant to go anywhere else. I didn't even apply to any other colleges until a couple months later because I kept trying to make some sort of miracle happen for me to go to Baylor, but it never did. I really felt that God wanted me at Baylor, but I ended up "settling" for UH at the time. I felt so jealous watching all of my friends get accepted into their dream schools while I just sat there moping about my choice. (Which jealousy and comparison is another topic I will discuss in a separate blog post one of these days). So graduation came and went and I spent the whole summer dreading the upcoming fall. Things did begin to look up when I found my roommate, Sami, on Twitter. Sami and I messaged back and forth for a while and then shortly after decided to meet over the summer to get to know each other. Sami flew all the way from Arkansas to meet me in Texas, and safe to say from the moment on we have been best friends. Turned out that Sami was in the EXACT same situation as me! She was also accepted into Baylor and set on going there, but felt that she had to settle for UH. I know God put us together for a reason! So after moving in with Sami, I was actually really liking the college life. I still felt like I was missing something though, so Sami convinced me to join a sorority. I'm so glad she convinced me because I found so many new friends and my big, Nadia. I seriously don't know how I would've gotten through freshman year without Sami and Nadia! 

I now actually love UH and this past May I visited Baylor for a Waco trip and I couldn't understand why I wasted so much time crying and stressing over that school. I have a problem with trying to plan my life way too far in advance and when God does what He's supposed to do and takes control instead, it throws my entire life off track. Which is wrong! I'm still working on the whole "let go and let God" thing, and my entire senior year of high school is why! I regret being so sad and angry at the world my senior year, I wish I could've looked into my future freshman year and seen how much fun I had and how much I would end up loving college. When people who knew I was dreading UH ask me, "How do you like UH now?" I always get so excited to share with them that God knew all along what He was doing and how much I love the place I'm at.

So basically I wrote this to help all of you who are anxious about starting college or upset with the college you are attending. Seriously, just go with the flow because it feels so much better to be optimistic about college!! Get involved in an organization, step out of your comfort zone, and learn to love the school you attend.... it'll be so much better!

XOXO, Shelby

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