A Quick Guide To Sorority Recruitment

Hi everyone! So I got a few requests to do a blog post about the dos and don'ts of recruitment ... so here you guys go! If you don't know, I'm a Delta Gamma at the University of Houston and I'm also director of recruitment for DG! I went through recruitment last fall at UH and let me just say, it was one of the best decisions of my life! I've found so many friends and made so many great memories I would't trade for the world. In this post I will discuss outfit suggestions for each day, what the process entails (at UH) and tips for recruitment! I hope this helps you during the recruitment!! 


For sisterhood rounds, you will be required to wear your panhellenic t-shirt (this will be given to you at orientation) and your choice of bottoms. I wore jeans one day and a denim skirt the next, but it's totally up to you what bottoms you want to pair your shirt with! I would wear sandals or cute sneakers for these rounds. 

For Philanthropy round, you should wear a cute sundress or romper that you would normally wear to brunch or on a nicer date. I would wear cute wedges this day.

For Preference round, you should wear a dress or jumpsuit that you would normally wear to church or a fancier occasion. I would wear cute wedges or heels this day. 

the process

So one thing I really liked about going through recruitment at UH was how laid back the whole process was. At some big schools it can be stressful visiting so many houses and trying to find your home in a few short days. At UH, we have a total of 7 Panhellenic sororities and everyone was so helpful it made my experience so much easier! Not saying that recruitment at big schools is bad... I just didn't go through that so I can't speak much on it! 

Anyways, I literally had no idea what sorority life was when I went through. I, like most people, imagined a sorority to be like what you see in movies... tons of parties and mean girls. That is NOT AT ALL what sorority life is, don't be fooled!!! After the first two rounds of recruitment I was able to see how genuine and kind-hearted every chapter was, it was great!

So at UH, we have a total of 4 days of recruitment followed by bid day. The first two days are called sisterhood rounds. Basically I call these days the "speed dating" rounds. Between the two days, you will visit all 7 houses and talk to as many girls as possible in a short span of time (about 30 minutes). You will be greeted at the door by a chant, and then escorted to a pair of seats where you will be talking to different girls from that chapter. You'll talk to each girl for about 5 minutes before you switch. They will ask the basic things like your name, classification, interests, hobbies, why you want to join a sorority. Be prepared to tell them all about you and ask them questions too! These days are meant for good first impressions and a way to get a feel for each other. See which chapters you "vibe" with. After the two days of sisterhood, you will be asked to narrow down your choices to 4 houses you wish to visit again the next day. 

The third day of recruitment is called Philanthropy round. This day is meant for each chapter to really showcase what they're made of and tell you all about their philanthropy! Each chapter has their own philanthropy, which is basically like what they volunteer for. You will learn all about how they serve their community and how they raise awareness/money for their philanthropy. At the end of this day you will be asked to narrow your choices down to 2 houses you wish to visit the next day.

The fourth and final day of recruitment is called Preference day (pref). This day is meant for deep conversations and for you to truly find your home. Each house does different things this day, but typically you only talk to a few girls from the chapter that you seem to really connect with throughout the process. Basically you will get a little snippet of what it's like to be in that chapter and experience their sisterhood on a deeper level. At the end of this day you will rank your two houses, 1 being the one you want to call home and 2 being your second choice. Don't rush this thought process. Really take this day to reflect, because after this you will be in your new home!

Then of course comes BID DAY... everyone's favorite! This is the day where you get to open your bid cards and run home to your new sisters! You'll spend the night getting to know the whole chapter and hanging out!


1. Don't be nervous! Trust me, the active chapter girls are just as nervous as you to talk to strangers, but it always ends up being so fun meeting new people and there really is no reason to be nervous!

2. Ask questions about financials. Each chapter has different dues and ways that you can pay those dues. Be sure to ask how much dues are and how they can help you pay for those, whether it be payment plans or scholarships!

3. Keep an open mind. Don't come in the process with your mind already set on a specific chapter because you've never even met them! Really be open to every chapter and get a feel for each one. Also, don't let others opinions sway your decision, it's a big life choice and it's yours! You might be surprised who you end up calling home!

4. Ask questions about time commitment. If you have a busy schedule, voice that to the chapters and ask them what their time requirements are. Trust me, it not crazy hours like you think.. you mainly just have to meet once a week for an hour or so (not bad at all).

5. Wear outfits that represent you and you are comfortable in. It's not a fashion show.. so don't try to be someone you're not. Wear what fits your personality and what you're going to be comfortable in for that day.

6. Bring a change of shoes and touch up make-up for in between rounds. Some days when you're wearing your wedges/heels for a couple hours you may get tired of them... so bring some comfy shoes!! Also, when you're sweating your face off because you're nervous for no reason, you're going to need a little touch up!

7. Bring snacks, enough said.

8. Bring homework. Sometimes you may have an hour or two between rounds, why waste your time when you could be getting some stuff done! That way at the end of the day you can go home and sleeeep.

9. Make friends! Don't just be engaged in conversation with the active girls, make friends with those who are going through the process as well. It's great to have some support from someone who understands your side of the process. Plus it's always nice after bid day to see your friends find their homes and have friends in other chapters!

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