How I Edit My Photos


Hi everyone, happy Tuesday!! Today on the blog I'm sharing a step-by-step of how I edit my photos. Also, if you read through to the end, I included a special discount code for the presets I use!


So before I bought presets, I used VSCO and their pre-installed free presets. I recommend using VSCO if you're just wanting to edit for everyday pic and you're not too worried about a cohesive look.

For the presets I bought, I use them through the Lightroom app. The app is free for mobile devices and super user friendly. If you buy the presets I use, they come with very detailed instructions on how to upload them into the Lightroom app! Lightroom is my most used app for editing and a def recommend getting it!!

Occasionally I will use photoshop for mobile if there is something in my picture that is unwanted, like a weird spot or something.

how i edit

Now I will get into detail on how I edit in Lightroom with Dreamy presets. First I upload all of my pictures from the day into my Lightroom app and paste the "Millennial Pink" presets onto my photos. Next I tweak the edit depending on the picture. If it's taken inside, I normally lighten it and add some warmer colors. If its taken outside I normally tone down the orange-y look and make it a more white light look. I like to make my skin a little bit more smooth by adding more noise reduction on my photos. If needed, I will transport the image into photoshop to fix anything else.

Personally I like my pictures to be more pink for my cohesive, so I add a tad bit of a pink tint in as well. If you're really wanting to make your instagram have a perfect cohesive look, you should try to take pictures in similar looking locations and wear similar colors. For example, you could take all of your pictures wearing pink and gray against white backgrounds and your instagram would match perfect. I don't strive for this look just because that's too much work in my opinion but if that's what you're going for more power to you!

Here is what my settings normally look like on a photo taken outside:


Here's some before and after photos using Dreamy's Millennial Pink presets in the Lightroom mobile app.

How to purchase the presets i use

So if you're wanting to buy the presets I use, you can click this link HERE. Again, I use Millennial Pink but they have other presets for different color schemes. I recommend Dreamy Presets because they have super detailed instructions for installation and great customer service! If you're going to purchase a preset pack you can use my code, "SHELBY10" for a discount off your purchase!! The discount code will expire in 48 hours so hurry and buy!!

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