One Year of Blogging


Hi everyone! Today is an amazing day because it’s my one year blog anniversary! I am so thankful for the support from all of you over this past year. I’ve made so many memories, friends, and learned a lot over the past year and I’ve loved every minute of it! Today on the blog i’m going to be answering your questions that were submitted to me about my blogging experience so far!

“How did you come up with your blog name?”

So the first part of my name (Curls) came from my hair! I knew when I started this blog I wanted to try to stand out in any way possible and one feature that helps me do that is my hair! The second part (Pearls) was inspired by the pearl trend at the time I started my blog… also because it rhymed lol.

“Do you ever find it hard to balance blogging and school?”

At times yes, but I’ve learned that you make time for the things that are important to you- so I always make time for my blog. If I ever feel overwhelmed I normally just take a break from social media while I get everything in order again!

“How do you get inspired to keep blogging?”

My main inspiration to keep going is my followers and my love for blogging! I love receiving messages from followers, it really is what pushes me to keep going.

“Do you make money?”


“How do you make money?”

Well there’s two ways I make money- commissions and paid promotions. I make commission through the LIKETOKNOW.IT app when people make a purchase through my links. It’s a very small commission, but it’s worth it! One reason I started using this app for money is because I had so many people asking me where I get my clothes from I might as well be making money off of it! The other way I make money is paid promotions, which is where brands pay me to promote their products. Although, I don’t always agree to paid promotions. I never want to falsely advertise- so I only accept paid promotions for things that I would truly wear or use. Side note- money is not the sole reason I blog… but it’s a nice perk!

“Are you afraid if your content is too general?”

Yes, all the time! One of the hardest things about blogging is trying to stand out from the thousands of other bloggers, but I try my hardest to do so. I still struggle with trying to stand out but I try to create content that fits my style while catching people’s attention! Also one of my goals is to start writing more about my personal life, so maybe that will help me stand out too!

“Any tips for new bloggers?”

  1. Seek help from other bloggers and try to make connections with bloggers similar to you!

  2. Be organized or things will quickly pile up.

  3. Do your research before you start!

  4. Stay true to yourself

  5. Be patient, and don’t expect to blow up instantly. It can be hard to watch other bloggers grow so fast and wonder why you’re not growing as quickly. Just remember hard work pays off, and you’ll see results soon.

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