Goat Yoga Experience


Hi there everyone! if you saw my instagram story yesterday, then you know that I had the chance to try goat yoga to celebrate my mom’s birthday! Today on my blog I’m giving a quick review of my experience with the goats!

My family and I tried out Goat Yoga Texas hosted/owned by Kimberly Brooke in Tomball, Texas. The goats were set up in a pen in a grassy area on the same property as Murdoch’s backyard pub. It’ was a far drive for us… but so worth it! By the way, after class you’re given a 10% off coupon to use at the pub for food!


Personally I don’t do much yoga, so I was a little intimidated by the fact I was going to be doing yoga poses with goats walking under/around/on top of me. The yoga was super easy though! Kimberly had us do 45 minutes of beginner poses, and showed modifications for those who wanted to make the poses less intense. It was also nice to be doing yoga outside in the sunshine. I ended up loving the yoga part of the class- really great full body stretch and super relaxing!


My favorite part of the whole experience was for sure the goats though! During class, they were roaming free in the pen with us. They would walk by and eat the grass, walk under us, and at one point the instructor put goats on our back! Surprisingly it felt just like a massage! After class we were allowed to play with the goats and take pictures for about 30 minutes. The goats act just like dogs- and you can even pick them up to cuddle them. Beware though- the goats can possibly poop on you or chew your hair!


Goat Yoga was so fun, and it would be a great way to celebrate a birthday, Mother’s day, or even just a girl’s day! If you’re interested in trying it out, you can visit goatyogatx.com and view their schedule and purchase tickets!

Shelby SwigartComment