Hair By Saint Rose + Sam Ortega

Hi again everyone! I don’t normally do two blog posts in one week but I guess you could say I’ve been busy blogging it away lately. This past Sunday I had the pleasure of getting my hair done by Sam Ortega, a stylist at the Hair by Saint Rose salon in the Rice Village area. I am absolutely in love with my hair, the salon, and Sam! Seriously the best hair salon experience ever! Today I wanted to walk you through the process and show you bits of the cute little salon!

Since I have curly hair, Sam requested that I come to my appointment with flat ironed hair in order to see my current color situation more clearly. When I arrived, Sam and I discussed the hair products I use at home and what I was wanting to change about my hair. I asked Sam to lighten my root area (they had really grown out) and trim my dead ends (I had lots of them I just didn’t want to admit it). Sam talked me through everything she was wanting to do, and really catered to my curly hair! Plus, I was offered gummy bears and tea of my choice while I waited- so sweet!


Sam suggested that we do “babylights” for the color. She explained that babylights are finer looking highlights that give hair a more natural and sunkissed look rather than harsh lines like traditional highlights. I loved this idea because my hair grows super fast and babylights grow out softer and look much more natural when grown out. Sam added in a base shadow to tone my root area and it also helps create a softer look for when my roots grow out. Lastly Sam added in a gloss which toned the blonde highlights to my desired shade of blonde and made them less yellow and more natural looking.


After the coloring portion was done, Sam washed my hair and added in a “b3 treatment’ which is a deep conditioning treatment that is meant to repair my hair. The B3 treatment lasts for up to 12 washes, and repairs damaged hair while protecting against heat from styling tools and UV rays. My hair literally felt so soft after she put in the treatment and it really did make a difference with the Texas heat and humidity! Also, the hair rinsing room was seriously like nothing I had seen before. The room was darker and has soothing songs playing. Sam even gave me a blanket to wear and put a lavender towel by my face… So relaxing!!

Next Sam gave my hair a little trim to get rid of my dead ends. I had like 3 inches worth of dead hair and although I was sad to see the length go, I totally needed that trim! Getting healthy trims is very important because 1. dead hair isn’t cute lol and 2. it actually helps your hair grow faster! Trust me I was super nervous to give up 3 inches but I love how healthy my hair looks now and the new length is perfect!

After the cut, Sam dried my hair by using a curl diffuser and added in a few products. She used Kevin Murphy’s “killer curls” which helps give definition to curls and holds the shape of my curls and Kevin Murphy’s “shimmer shine spray” which adds shine and controls fly aways. Both products worked amazing, smelled so good, and were very light weight on my hair which is super important to me! After everything settled, Sam touched up a few pieces with a curling wand and I was ready to go!

Overall my time at Hair by Saint Rose with Sam was such a great experience and I seriously can’t wait to go back and visit again soon! If you would like to book with Sam you can message her on Instagram @hairbysamortega for pricing and scheduling or book an appointment at and request Sam Ortega!

All photos were taken by @emilybrinskophotography

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