Apartment Room Reveal

Hi everyone! So sorry for slacking with posting on my blog lately. I’ve had a busy start to the school year but now I have some time to put towards my blog! Today I’m sharing my apartment room “reveal” with you all. I was able to link most items, the others I will explain where I purchased them.

First I’ll start off with my bed. My bedding is all from target, and some of it is actually on sale! My headboard is from At Home, and funny story it doesn’t actually connect to my bed frame so its sitting on the floor smooshed against the wall… but it works! You can shop my bedding by clicking the images below, you can shop the headboard by clicking HERE. My wall art is from Hobby Lobby and can be viewed HERE.


For my tv stand, I purchased a super cheap bookshelf from Target and painted it pink. I would’ve bought a regular TV stand but this one was cheaper and the space between my bed and the wall is super slim so I went with this. The wall art above my TV is from Hobby Lobby and can be bought by clicking HERE.


For the area beside my bed, I’ve linked my mirror, storage ottoman, blanket basket, faux fur rug, and coasters below. The wall art is from Hobby Lobby, and can be viewed HERE. The cacti wall decor is also from Hobby Lobby and can be viewed HERE. I bought the fake cacti arrangements and put them in the vases, hung with a push pin because #collegehacks.

For my nightstand, I refurbished one that I found in my brother’s room from when he moved out. I sanded and painted the night stand, and then added an agate knob from Hobby Lobby, which can be viewed HERE.

For my desk area, the desk came with the room, and I pretty much just added little decor I found from hobby lobby, TJ Maxx, and target.

For my bathroom, I’ve linked my bath mats, towels, shower curtain, and rose gold containers below. The lipstick painting is from Hobby Lobby and can be viewed HERE. The Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy art is from a local shop in Houston called. The frames are actually CD display frames from Hobby Lobby that I spray painted rose gold.

That’s all for my room, be on the lookout for my fall favorites soon! Also since I linked a bunch of Hobby Lobby stuff, PRO TIP: Hobby Lobby rotates their 50% off sales every other week, so if something isn’t on sale now, wait until next week and it will be 50% off. PLUS, Hobby Lobby always has a 40% off coupon that can be used on any full priced item per purchase, so bring a friend with you to shop to get the best of the coupon! For the Target products I tagged, I recommend buying online to guarantee you’ll find it! Happy shopping!

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